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| Electronic Music Producer | Abstract Videographer | Creative Artist |

Emotive textures and thick percussion lay the foundation for dynamic electronica bridging the space between lo-fi sampling culture, software manipulation and visceral analog sound design. Lyrics explore modern masculinity and broken love with honesty and emotive vulnerability.


“bewitching… bathed in individuality” -


Luminaries including Underworld, Kraftwerk and The Prodigy sound-tracked Simeon Rodgers’ formative years, exposing him to a sound palette, artistry and emotive agenda that deep-rooted his musical journey. 

Initially, creative satisfaction came as a drummer, playing with Zibra (Look Mum No Computer), Blonde and Barns Courtney to name but a few. Parallel to his time on stage he worked with the likes of Dusky, Tom Misch, Elderbrook, Ratboy and Laura Misch as musical director, sound engineer and Ableton programmer. 

In short, over half a decade on the road playing or facilitating shows all over the world. 


In late 2018 an urge for individual self-expression boiled over and Simeon Rodgers started to explore his musical voice, sonically ‘tipping the hat’ to his influences from the past whilst bouncing off the excitement from his work in the live arena with such dynamic and inspiring artists.

His sound palette formed on the road. Software manipulations and programming dovetail with lo-fi recordings of his ever-changing environment. In his studio this is supplemented with analog synthesisers and drum machines, melding into a unique, emotive and powerfully-rhythmic sound. Where lyrics enhance the artistic intent, Simeon Rodgers is honest and concise, often reflecting on personal experience and examining his understanding of what it is to be a modern man, to be vulnerable, to love.


With years realising the on-stage creative visions of other artists, Simeon Rodgers was intent on building a live show that championed his hands-on ethic, his abilities as a sound designer and allowed for spontaneity and organic interaction. His live show centres around his DIY modular and array of analog synthesisers, he augments his vocal delivery with vocoders and an artistic embracing of autotune and, when the facilities allow, he brings a visual experience in the shape of his abstract videography manipulations.

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