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Endlove is not always a call to arms, it is not always the termination of care and devotion.

Endlove, at times, is the power and strength to see a relationship through to the end.

This piece sits suspended in a place between action and inaction. It explores the gentle rise and fall of a relational experience. It's sombre and it's positive, rays of hope interspersed with honest knowing.

Recording/Production : Simeon Rodgers

Mix : Isabel Gracefield @ RAK Studio 4

Master : Felix Davis @ Metropolis Mastering

In the Endlove video artwork Simeon Rodgers utilised a vintage analog oscilloscope, modular synthesiser, powerful magnet and macro lens. The combination of the oscilloscope's CRT based screen and the strength of the magnet results in the organic folding and warping of the oscillographs adding what feels like a 3rd dimension beyond the X and Y inputs from the modular synth.

This video was inspired but the work of Nam June Paik 

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